A few videos of Merlion Dreamfish set to land in Vancouver very soon…

Merlion Royal Ultimate 24K and Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue
Merlion Ultimate Blood Red
Merlion Ultimate Chilli Red
Merlion Emerald Snakeskin

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While waiting for the BIG Merlion Dreamfish order, I did a small custom order for some platinum red tail catfish, and some nice stingrays. Contact dragonfish.ca@gmail.com if interested

5 Platinum RTC arrived in Vancouver
2 pairs of albino pearls and one pair of AA BD’s
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* NEW Merlion Dreamfish order arriving in early 2021! Premium XB’s (Gold Base and Blue Base), Snakeskin Greens, Merlion Ultimate Reds, Merlion Harmony XB’s (Tong Yan), and Merlion Golds (HBRTG); Ultimate Ocean Blue, Ultimate 24K coming too!

For enquiries : Dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or phone/text at 604-916-1558

Photo above courtesy Dreamfish Japan

Merlion Dreamfish Asian arowana are highly sought after all over the world

Some of the Merlion Ultimate 24 K above are coming to Canada soon
Some of the Merlion Ultimate Ocean Blue above are coming to Canada soon

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A small order of normal grade XB’s from OTF – all sold

A small order of 24 XB’s and HBRTG’s from the OTF Aquarium Farm of Singapore landed in late November, 2020; all fish are now sold.

Mix of OTF XB’s and HBRTG’s
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A Successful Landing and Distribution Across Canada

Here are a few photos and videos of the many fish that arrived on this order. Almost all of them flew to various cities across Canada. Well done Nic at Merlion Dreamfish for sending such top quality fish!

A photo-essay update on a “Snakeskin Green” shipped to Toronto on November 23 can be found here: https://arowanaclub.ca/forums/threads/merlion-dreamfish-emerald-snakeskin-green.7069/#post-50860

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A brief explanation of the “Dragonfish Model”

Dragonfish Canada is a market “aggregator”; that means we work to assemble as large an order for fish as possible by grouping together demand. We can get lower costs for everyone in the group this way. We are able to offer true wholesale pricing. We ship Canada-wide and support many stores and home based retailers across Canada. We also offer consulting services to help you get your large tank up and running perfectly for your large fish display. From concept design, to helping you source materials, to ordering you the perfect fish – we are your one stop destination in Canada for all things Asian arowana related. Contact us today at dragonfish.ca@gmail.com

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Major Merlion Dreamfish order getting ready to land!

This is a big order, with fish already set to go across Canada. There still may be one or two fish available. Contact dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or phone/text 604-916-155eight if interested.

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Premium VFSR blood reds and chilli reds are here – and sold out!

More photos and video of this order and shipments are below. Thanks to everyone for their support! Enjoy your fish 🙂

A video of the group of VFSR swimming together on arrival in Vancouver

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Quian Hu Premium VFSR and Chilli Red super reds coming to Canada early September

To place an order, phone/text 604-916-1558 or email at dragonfish.ca@gmail.com

11 Premium VFSR (Violet Fusion Super Red) and one Chilli Red
Albino silver South American arowana
“Batman” freshwater stingrays
Seldom imported New Guinea Tigerish (NGT)
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Summer 2020 OTF stingray and Asian arowana order

A satisfied customer with his new BBXB (Blue Base Cross Back)

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