New Shipment of Indoreds: Chilli and Blood

Phone/text: 604-916-155eight

There are four VFSR (Blood Reds) and a couple Chilli Reds in the video below; fish landed on March 12, 2020

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New shipment of beautiful baby OTF cross backs

Last week I got a nice mix of OTF cross backs, including BBXB, Gold XB, and Crossback Splendour (red/gold hybrid). This time for something a bit different I put them in a planted 180 gallon tank. Additional fish are also being kept offsite. Contact or text/phone at 604-916-155eight

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Some BEAUTIFUL premium cross backs in stock

In the mix below are two premium gold base cross backs (XB), two premium blue base cross backs (BBXB), a Merlion blue base Harmony, and an Ultimate 24 K gold cross back. All the fish are from the Merlion/Dreamfish farm of Singapore. This morning I shipped out one of the BBXB, so now there are 5 fish available. Send an email to or phone/text at 604-916-155eight if you are looking for a really quality fish for an excellent price.

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New Dreamfish/Merlion order for 2020!

Read about our latest order here: Merlion/Dreamfish and Panda order for February 2020

Contact us at: 

Phone/text: 604-916-155eight

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Beautiful pair of BD Big Spot hybrid rays

A lovely pair of freshwater stingrays, fully trained on Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets

These rays are sold

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Fall 2019 Order Updates

A mix of 8 beautiful XB’s on hand in mid December: 2 Merlion Royal Premium BBXB, 2 Merlion Royal Premium Gold Base XB, 1 OTF BBXB, 1 OTF Crossback Splendour, 1 Merlion Royal Harmony (Blue Base), 1 Merlion Ultimate 24K Gold XB

Moving into early December we had a beautiful shipment of Indonesian Super Reds, including VFSR (blood red) and Chilli Red

Here is a nice Chilli Red held for a client:

We also had some nice Black Diamond freshwater stingrays and some hybrid BD rays arrive

In early November we had a nice order of BBXB, Gold XB and Crossback Splendour (Tong Yan) land

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NEW ORDER: Panda Gold, Panda Gold Supreme, Blue Base Cross Back (BBXB), 24K Gold Head (GH), Merlion Ultimate Red, Gold Cross Back (XB), Tong Yan Cross Back, Black Diamond Stingrays – all landing in late October to early November 2019

Read about the order here: Fall orders – Super Reds and Golds

Contact us at: 

Phone/text: 604-916-1558

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Panda, Dreamfish and Indo Super Red triple order landed in Vancouver, September 10, 2019

This order has been a total success. Thank you to everyone for trusting in me to bring in quality fish! You can read about the history of these orders here:

Panda/Dreamfish Summer 2019 Order

and here: Indo-Super-Red Summer 2019 Order

Customers checking out the landed fish

And shipping out the fish…

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Update on April 16 arrival of Spring Order 2019

Contact us for fish still available at: 

Phone/text: 604-916-1558

You can see a lot of photos and video of fish that landed in this order here:

Here are some Panda Gold Supremes (HBRTG/XB) that arrived mid April 2019

A customer getting his first Asian arowana – a Panda Gold Supreme

A repeat customer recognizes quality.

Just a few of the many Panda Gold Supremes Asian arowana that arrived on this order.

A Panda Gold Supreme sold within days of being dropped off at Main Aquarium in Vancouver
A quality BBXB (Blue Base Cross Back) that came in on this order.

A quality BBXB

All our fish are chipped with RFID micro-chips that correspond to the farm certificate that accompanies each fish. We use our chip reader to make sure you get the correct fish and send you a photo as proof.

Top view of a quality Gold Head (Full Helmet)

A quality Gold Head (Full Helmet)

Doing a chip read on a premium Panda Gold XB

The Premium Gold Head is off to a new home.
Merlion Ultimate Blood Red – just released from the bag
A mixed video with some of the beautiful super reds, blood reds, and premium golds (BBXB and GH) that came on this order.
An HD video of the fish shortly after arrival.
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BIG order underway from Panda and Dreamfish; should land in about 3-4 weeks.

You can read about the order in more detail in a thread posted here: Spring 2019 Order

I have quite a few Panda Gold Supremes coming in this order. They are a higher grade than just HBRTG (High Back Red Tail Gold); they are more of a HBRTG/XB. Very often they look like true XB’s as adult fish. They are amazing value!

Here is a recent video of some of them

Phone/text: 604-916-1558

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