A quick import of some NTT datnoids, a couple IT datnoids, and an albino pearl female ray

4.5 inch NTT (North Thailand Tigerfish)

Female albino pearl (6.5 inch) and female BD (AA grade, 10.5 icnch); 4.5 inch NTT in background
2.5 inch Indo Datnoid
2.5 inch Indo Datnoid

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New orders being placed now. Email dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or phone/text at 604-916-155eight. Check out the detailed history of all our orders going back to 2007 here:


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The Merlion Dreamfish shipment has landed. All fish are now sold.

Panda Golds

Panda 24 K

Merlion Harmony (smaller size)

Merlion Harmony (larger size)

Merlion Premium BBXB

Merlion Snakeskin Green

Merlion Ultimate Blood Reds

Merlion Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue

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New shipment from Dreamfish Merlion landing before the end of May 2020! Contact dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or text at 604-916-155eight for details.

A Merlion Premium Gold XB six months after landing in Vancouver, BC.

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New Shipment of Indoreds: Chilli and Blood

Email: dragonfish.ca@gmail.com
Phone/text: 604-916-155eight

There are four VFSR (Blood Reds) and a couple Chilli Reds in the video below; fish landed on March 12, 2020

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New shipment of beautiful baby OTF cross backs

Last week I got a nice mix of OTF cross backs, including BBXB, Gold XB, and Crossback Splendour (red/gold hybrid). This time for something a bit different I put them in a planted 180 gallon tank. Additional fish are also being kept offsite. Contact dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or text/phone at 604-916-155eight

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Some BEAUTIFUL premium cross backs in stock

In the mix below are two premium gold base cross backs (XB), two premium blue base cross backs (BBXB), a Merlion blue base Harmony, and an Ultimate 24 K gold cross back. All the fish are from the Merlion/Dreamfish farm of Singapore. This morning I shipped out one of the BBXB, so now there are 5 fish available. Send an email to dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or phone/text at 604-916-155eight if you are looking for a really quality fish for an excellent price.

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New Dreamfish/Merlion order for 2020!

Read about our latest order here: Merlion/Dreamfish and Panda order for February 2020

Contact us at:


Phone/text: 604-916-155eight

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Beautiful pair of BD Big Spot hybrid rays

A lovely pair of freshwater stingrays, fully trained on Hikari Sinking Carnivore pellets

These rays are sold

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Fall 2019 Order Updates

A mix of 8 beautiful XB’s on hand in mid December: 2 Merlion Royal Premium BBXB, 2 Merlion Royal Premium Gold Base XB, 1 OTF BBXB, 1 OTF Crossback Splendour, 1 Merlion Royal Harmony (Blue Base), 1 Merlion Ultimate 24K Gold XB

Moving into early December we had a beautiful shipment of Indonesian Super Reds, including VFSR (blood red) and Chilli Red

Here is a nice Chilli Red held for a client:

We also had some nice Black Diamond freshwater stingrays and some hybrid BD rays arrive

In early November we had a nice order of BBXB, Gold XB and Crossback Splendour (Tong Yan) land

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