Spring/Winter 2022 Merlion Dreamfish and Panda Order

This order is already processed and paid for. The fish should be landing in mid to late February. If you are wanting a premium Asian arowana from two of the world’s premium Asian arowana farms, email dragonfish.ca@gmail.com or phone/text 604-916-1558



1. MerLion Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue
2. MerLion Royal Ultimate 24K
3. MerLion Royal Ultimate Sky Blue
4. MerLion Royal Ultimate Blue Jade
5. MerLion Royal Ultimate Chocolate Blue: NA
6. MerLion Royal Premium
7. MerLion Royal

MerLion Harmony Series
1. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamRed: NA
2. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamBlue
3. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamGold
4. Merlion Harmony Ultimate Blue Base
5. MerLion Harmony Ultimate Gold Base
6. MerLion Harmony

MerLion Red Series
1. MerLion Red Ultimate – Chili
2. MerLion Red Ultimate – Blood
3. MerLion Red Ultimate

MerLion Emerald Series
1. MerLion Emerald Viper: NA
2. MerLion Emerald SnakeSkin

MerLion Gold classic

PANDA AQUATICS fish available:

Panda Gold
Panda Gold Supreme

Panda Gold XB (normal grade)
Panda Gold BBXB (normal grade)
Panda Red (normal grade)

Panda Gold XB Premium
Panda Gold BBXB Premium
Panda Red Premium

Panda 24K Gold Head

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