FAQ’s and Place an Order

To place an order, phone/text 604-916-1558 or email at dragonfish.ca@gmail.com

FAQ’s – detailed answers to the questions below are coming soon!

  1. What is a Gold Head and are they stable?
  2. What is WTT (White Tank Treatment) and how do you do it?
  3. What is the difference between “Singapore reds” and “Indoreds”?
  4. How do you grade an Asian arowana?
  5. How do you tan a red arowana?
  6. Things to beware of in the hobby
  7. How do I care for an Asian arowana?
  8. Why are Asian arowana illegal in the USA?
  9. What are some good tank mates for Asian arowana?
  10. What are some good websites to learn more about Asian arowana?