Summer 2023 Order!

As some of you know, I’m living and working in Costa Rica now, with no plans to live in Canada any time soon. For those of you wanting fish, contact Andy Nguyen at 416-823-3794. Andy is a house builder and family man, trustworthy, and a very knowledgeable arowana hobbyist. He is working on an order from Nic at Dreamfish (Who you can reach on Facebook as: Poh Siong Chia ).

I understand there is an order from the Merlion Dreamfish farm being organized now. Contact Andy today if you are interested. You can also check out the online group chat located on the Arowanaclub Canada Facebook Group

And as usual, the order will have regular updates provided here:

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Summer 2022 Merlion/Dreamfish and Panda order landing soon – email or phone/text 604-916-1558 if interested

A couple of the fish coming on this order:

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A few of the Merlion Dreamfish Royal Premium BBXB (Blue Base Crossbacks) coming in the summer 2022 order – email

And here are a few quality stingrays coming to Vancouver shortly: A nice pair of Black Diamonds and a nice pair of Snow White hybrids

Below are a few quality stingrays coming to Vancouver. Contact or phone 604-916-1558 if interested

Female BD
Male BD
Female Snow White Hybrid

Male Snow White Hybrid

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Summer 2022 order from Merlion Dreamfish and Panda

Updates to this order will be posted here:

Some nice normal grade reds available from Merlion Dreamfish
Some nice short body reds – special order – available from Merlion Dreamfish
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A fish with a hearty appetite

This fish is shipping out shortly
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Summer 2022 order – Merlion Dreamfish and Panda

Due to strong demand in Canada for the fish offered by the Merlion Dreamfish and Panda farms there is going to be a summer 2022 order. Please email if you are in Canada and want one of the beautiful Asian arowana offered by these farms. A reminder that these fish are illegal to own in the USA.

Merlion Dreamfish Asian arowana are globally recognized for their high quality

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The Spring 2022 Merlion Dreamfish order now arrived in Canada

The fish in transit
The certificates for this order
Merlion Ultimate Blue Jade

Merlion Royal Premium BBXB

Customer tank #1 – Merlion Emerald Snakeskin, one Merlion Royal Premium Gold Crossback, one Merlion Royal Premium Bluebase Crossback, one Panda Gold Supreme, and one Chilli red. The Merlion and Panda fish are part of the spring 2022 Merlion and Panda import.

Customer tank #2 – A beautiful arowana community tank assembled with a Merlion Royal Premium Bluebase cross back, a Merlion Royal Premium gold, a Merlion Harmony (blue base), a G4 Emerald Viper, and a Merlion Ultimate Jade Blue XB.

Merlion Ultimate Blue Jade

Merlion Royal Premium BBXB

Merlion Royal Premium BBXB

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Landing very soon…

Merlion Ultimate Ocean Blue
Merlion Royal Premium Gold Base Crossback
Merlion Royal Premium Blue Base Crossback (BBXB)
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Getting ready for fish to land soon

I’ve been assured the CITES permits are now processed and so I am now working on the logistics for the landing of this Spring 2022 Merlion Dreamfish order. Here are a few videos of some of the fish coming:

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Spring/Winter 2022 Merlion Dreamfish and Panda Order

This order is already processed and paid for. The fish should be landing in mid to late February. If you are wanting a premium Asian arowana from two of the world’s premium Asian arowana farms, email or phone/text 604-916-1558


1. MerLion Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue
2. MerLion Royal Ultimate 24K
3. MerLion Royal Ultimate Sky Blue
4. MerLion Royal Ultimate Blue Jade
5. MerLion Royal Ultimate Chocolate Blue: NA
6. MerLion Royal Premium
7. MerLion Royal

MerLion Harmony Series
1. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamRed: NA
2. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamBlue
3. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamGold
4. Merlion Harmony Ultimate Blue Base
5. MerLion Harmony Ultimate Gold Base
6. MerLion Harmony

MerLion Red Series
1. MerLion Red Ultimate – Chili
2. MerLion Red Ultimate – Blood
3. MerLion Red Ultimate

MerLion Emerald Series
1. MerLion Emerald Viper: NA
2. MerLion Emerald SnakeSkin

MerLion Gold classic

PANDA AQUATICS fish available:

Panda Gold
Panda Gold Supreme

Panda Gold XB (normal grade)
Panda Gold BBXB (normal grade)
Panda Red (normal grade)

Panda Gold XB Premium
Panda Gold BBXB Premium
Panda Red Premium

Panda 24K Gold Head

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