Dreamfish Merlion

The Dreamfish Merlion Farm of Singapore is our premium line of Asian arowana. They are legends in the industry for their high quality and innovative breeding lines.

Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/MerLion-Arowana-1433298596969897/posts/

Also see here: https://arowanaclub.ca/forums/forums/dreamfish-inc-singapore.121/

2020 MerLion Aro List – MerLion Royal Series 

1. MerLion Royal Ultimate Ocean Blue
2. MerLion Royal Ultimate 24K
3. MerLion Royal Ultimate Sky Blue
4. MerLion Royal Ultimate Blue Jade
5. MerLion Royal Ultimate Chocolate Blue: NA
6. MerLion Royal Premium
7. MerLion Royal 

MerLion Harmony Series
1. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamRed: NA
2. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamBlue
3. MerLion Harmony Ultimate DreamGold
4. Merlion Harmony Ultimate Blue Base
5. MerLion Harmont Ultimate Gold Base
6. MerLion Harmony

MerLion Red Series
1. MerLion Red Ultimate – Chili 
2. MerLion Red Ultimate – Blood
3. MerLion Red Ultimate 

MerLion Emerald Series
1. MerLion Emerald Viper: NA
2. MerLion Emerald SnakeSkin

MerLion Gold classic

Here are some videos and photos of Merlion Dreamfish in Canada:

This is the same fish as in the video above
Juvenile Merlion Golds (Red Tail Golds/RTG’s)
Some Merlion Golds (RTG’s) coming to Canada summer 2020
Viper – Generation 1 (G1)
Viper G1
Viper G1

Viper G1