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Here is a video tour of the OTF Arowana Farm from April 2020

We have been ordering from the OTF Aquarium Farm of Singapore for many years. Customer feedback has been very good. Specifically we order the following:

2020 OTF Aro List

Normal grade Gold Crossbacks; size of 5-6 inches

Normal grade Blue Base Crossbacks; size of 5-6 inches

Normal grade Crossback Splendours; size of 5-6 inches

Normal grade HBRTG (High Back Red Tail Gold); size of 5-6 inches

A small order of 24 XB’s and HBRTG’s from the OTF Aquarium Farm of Singapore landed in late November, 2020; all fish are now sold.

Here are two nice OTF BBXB, one year after import, in Vancouver,BC:

OTF BBXB in Vancouver, one year after import, January 2021
Same fish as in above photo, January 2021
A nice OTF Gold XB owned by a keeper in Vancouver area

A mix of 9 BBXB, Gold XB, and Crossback splendours; Vancouver, March 2020

A Beautiful Grown out Crossback Splendour in Alberta

A nice grow out of a Crossback Splendour, Alberta Canada
Another video of the same Crossback Splendour as above; note the copper reddish/gold colour of the fish

Some recently imported Crossback Splendours

A Crossback Splendour update from a Vancouver customer

A feeding video of local Crossback Splendour in Vancouver

A near adult Crossback Splendour

Some OTF Blue Base Crossbacks

The fish above was sold at Fish Addicts in Langley
Group of OTF Crossback Splendours and BBXB on arrival
An OTF BBXB imported to Vancouver
Another fine OTF BBXB imported to Vancouver
Fully pellet-trained OTF BBXB in Vancouver
Here is the fish referenced in an aquarium forum thread here: http://www.bcaquaria.com/forum/monster-fish-21/my-bbxb-arowana-223890/