2020 Panda Aro List

Panda Gold
Panda Gold Supreme

Panda Gold XB (normal grade)
Panda Gold BBXB (normal grade)
Panda Red (normal grade)

Panda Gold XB Premium
Panda Gold BBXB Premium
Panda Red Premium

Panda 24K Gold Head

The Panda Farm farm is legendary. It is the second oldest Asian arowana farm in Singapore. The owner, Mr. Kan, not only created one of the most famous Asian arowana farms in the world, he also served as a mentor to many other young Asian arowana farmers who went on to start their own farms.

We first visited the Panda farm back in 2008. You can read about that visit here and see some photos of the farm:

Panda is probably most famous for its Panda Golds (HBRTG) and Panda Gold Supremes (HB/XB). DIY King Joey Mullen groomed a very nice one some years ago:

Some imported Panda Gold Heads