Fall 2019 Order Updates

A mix of 8 beautiful XB’s on hand in mid December: 2 Merlion Royal Premium BBXB, 2 Merlion Royal Premium Gold Base XB, 1 OTF BBXB, 1 OTF Crossback Splendour, 1 Merlion Royal Harmony (Blue Base), 1 Merlion Ultimate 24K Gold XB

Moving into early December we had a beautiful shipment of Indonesian Super Reds, including VFSR (blood red) and Chilli Red

Here is a nice Chilli Red held for a client:

We also had some nice Black Diamond freshwater stingrays and some hybrid BD rays arrive

In early November we had a nice order of BBXB, Gold XB and Crossback Splendour (Tong Yan) land

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