Update on April 16 arrival of Spring Order 2019

Contact us for fish still available at:


Phone/text: 604-916-1558

You can see a lot of photos and video of fish that landed in this order here:

Here are some Panda Gold Supremes (HBRTG/XB) that arrived mid April 2019

A customer getting his first Asian arowana – a Panda Gold Supreme

A repeat customer recognizes quality.

Just a few of the many Panda Gold Supremes Asian arowana that arrived on this order.

A Panda Gold Supreme sold within days of being dropped off at Main Aquarium in Vancouver
A quality BBXB (Blue Base Cross Back) that came in on this order.

A quality BBXB

All our fish are chipped with RFID micro-chips that correspond to the farm certificate that accompanies each fish. We use our chip reader to make sure you get the correct fish and send you a photo as proof.

Top view of a quality Gold Head (Full Helmet)

A quality Gold Head (Full Helmet)

Doing a chip read on a premium Panda Gold XB

The Premium Gold Head is off to a new home.
Merlion Ultimate Blood Red – just released from the bag
A mixed video with some of the beautiful super reds, blood reds, and premium golds (BBXB and GH) that came on this order.
An HD video of the fish shortly after arrival.
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