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This site is under long term reconstruction; please see this link for up to date information about current imports.

About Us

The Dragonfish Model

Dragonfish Canada is a market “aggreggator”; that means we work to assemble as large an order for fish as possible by grouping together demand. We can get lower costs for everyone in the group this way. We are able to offer true wholesale pricing.

The Dragonfish model is primarily about Asian arowana hobbyists buying Asian arowana for the purpose of resale in order to pay off the costs of their hobby. A simple format would be to have two double stacked 180 gallon tanks. The top tank would be for your personal show fish; the bottom tank would be partitioned into two or three and would hold a couple fish for resale. The idea is you would be able to have family, friends or customers over to look at your show fish and then be able to sell one of the small fish at a profit to them. Over time you might wish to trade up your show fish and so sell it and get a new higher grade one. This model would allow you to pay off the costs of your hobby.

If you want to import your fish all by yourself, you will be looking at a minimum order of at least 10-12 fish. This is too much risk for most people. In addition, in order to get a better price, you need to order closer to 20-30 fish. This generally gets you a lower unit cost per fish and helps offset the shipping cost too. You also need to deal with a farm you can trust. There are so many farms out there. Unless you own a store, you can not guarantee that the fish you receive will be of the promised quality since the farm may view you as being just a one time customer in a small market (Canada).

By joining Dragonfish, you are dealing with an established operation that has been growing for 5 years and has sold hundreds of fish. In addition to fish from CV Maju, we are able to source high quality Golden Cross Backs from numerous farms in Singapore and Malaysia.

Our mission is to provide the best possible fish for Canadian hobbyists at the lowest possible prices. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. You can read about what we do at:Importing Asian Arowana

We work closely with the owner of CVC Maju to ensure top quality fish for our customers. The owner personally selects all of our fish.

Sharing the risk

CV Maju guarantees a 24 hour no D.O.A. In the event of a problem, photos must be taken immediately, email sent immediately, and the dead fish (with microchip) mailed to Dragonfish. Replacement fish will be provided on the next order or from other stock currently on hand.

We use heat packs and bottled oxygen to ensure the fish can survive for up to 72 hours when shipped inside Canada.

Check out the aquarium internet forums in Canada and you will find we are trusted and respected as hobbyists and importers. You are likely to find us active on , so feel free to drop by and say hello!

What’s New

July 2010: We welcome Henming Lee, Brandon Carlos, Derek Hsieh, and Mike and Tai as the exclusive
distributors for Dragonfish Canada from coast to coast.

July 2010: Shipment of Jumbo Clown Loaches, feeder frogs, and other Indo Tigerfish

June 2010: Large order of Asian arowana and Jumbo Clown Loaches arrived; including show super red and
premium super red

May 2010: Large order of Asian arowana and Jumbo Clown Loaches arrived; including large super red

March 2010: Large order of Asian arowana and Jumbo Clown Loaches arrived

February 2010: Large order of Asian arowana and Pearl Stingray arrived

January 2010: Large order of Asian arowana and Pearl Stingray arrived

November 2009: Large order of Asian arowana and Pearl Stingray arrived

July 2009: North Thailand Tigerfish order arrives; 160 NTT’s (Microlepsis undecemeratus); order placed for Australian lungfish

June 2009: Large order of Asian arowana arrived from CV Maju in Indonesia; Jeremy and Derek officially join the Dragonfish team

April 2009: New home-based retailers from across Canada are joining the Dragonfish group all the time: retailers and wholesalers

December 2008: Steven and Truong, two experienced Asian arowana keepers are now retailing Panda fish in Vancouver.

August 2008: We are in the process of taking on new partners to drive this whole group-buy business model further. If you are a serious hobbyist who has hundreds of gallons of aquariums and would like to arrange your own group imports of fish or products anywhere in Canada, send us an email at

June – July 2008: We have arranged a group import of rare Flower Horn cichlids, Red Texas Cichlids, and assorted aquarium products direct from the Chatachuk weekend market in Bangkok, Thailand.

January – June 2008: Our trip to through South East Asia was a resounding success! We have visited dozens of Asian arowana farms and pro shops in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. We now have numerous contacts for sourcing hard-to-find fish and aquarium products at extremely low prices. Stay tuned for a series of articles on the whole experience!

November 2007: Beginning in January 2007 we will be personally sourcing our fish in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We will use  uploaded still photos, Youtube video, and Skype from Asia to bring Canadian customers a unique Arowana shopping experience. This is an exciting development for the Asian arowana hobby, not only for Canada, but for the world.

We are excited to be pushing the boundaries of how people can shop for such an expensive fish. We look forward to sharing the experience in an upcoming series of articles to be published on the and websites. Stay tuned for developments!